Decoration firing porcelain

  • batch firing of decorated ware

  • exact reproduction of the temperature profile

  • outstanding temperature balance

  • utility patent protection for the firing-table kiln

Technical Data:

  • Kiln length: 24 m

  • Setting width: 1.6 m

  • Setting height: 0.3 m

  • Firing temperature 1300 °C

The extremely mobile firing table - patent DE 19524124C2 - is transported crossways through the kiln and lengthways on the return run, a typical feature of all Grün firing-table kilns. The logical implication of this system is that, irrespective of the setting width in the kiln, an optimum setting depth is obtained on the return run. The complete kiln system is protected by utility patent. This design won Grün the Innovation Award of the German regional state of Saxony-Anhalt, which was presented by the state’s Minister for Economic Affairs.

From cold, the preset kiln temperature profile is reached in max. 45 minutes. The firing temperature can be changed from 900 °C to 1300 °C in just fifteen minutes.

This outstanding flexibility is achieved with a sophisticated heating and cooling system, which features a large number of temperature control groups.

With the integrated firing-table tracking system, batches of decorated ware can be fired at different temperatures with only a few empty firing tables between batches being necessary.

The firing table kiln pictured measures 24 m in length. With a cycle lasting 75 min. and a setting density of 12.5 kg/m2, the daily capacity of this kiln is 9 t porcelain.