A few kilometers outside the famous spa town of Karlovy Vary, founded in 16th. century by the Emperor Charles IV, the production facilities owned by the Grün Company can be found on a low hill, visible from quite far off.

Several innovation awards and patents are testimony for the ever continuing innovative goals of the company and persistent effort for perfection. Beside this, the company emphasizes particular importance to two things: the kilns must be assembled in very short time and operate perfectly right from the very start. This gives Grün two aces to play in its sales negotiations, making it easier for the customer to make the decision to buy our product. The production facilities include also testing facilities. There the customers can perform firing tests in the fast-firing simulator or in a rotary tube furnace.

The Grün Company was founded 35 years ago and supplies both - intermittent and continuous firing systems to customers in more than 30 countries all over the world. Most of the well known china and ceramic producers (you can find them under references) are using our kilns. Grün kilns were exported not only to USA and South Africa (amongst others) but also to Eastern and Asian countries which are strongly coming into the world business lately. The one-man operation of the company founder Dipl.-Ing. Rüdiger Grün started in 1987 with the production of small-sized kilns. In the mean time a multitude of clever ideas have been realized, giving the kilns advantages in their energy consumption, maintenance or automated system which are encouraging the sales. From the very start the company has devoted its attention to fast or even very fast firing. On industrial scale, primarily kilns for the tableware industry were built at first. Now days Grün kilns are used in almost all types of ceramic manufacturing like: tableware firing, ornamental ceramics, sanitary ware, ballistic, bio- and structural ceramics, refractoriness and technical ceramics and they cover the temperature range from 800 to 1800° C. Special attention in these days is turned to energy savings and to preservation of the environment. Our company had found solutions even for this kind of problems.

The Grün company has developed from 1987 and a one-man operation into an internationally renowned supplier who has enjoyed considerable success especially with fast-firing systems for a wide range of customers. And the satisfaction of its customers is proved by the company’s proud slogan: “Our customers are our best salesmen”. It means that the word of successful firing systems spreads very fast and our numerous and satisfied customers are our best advertisement. There may be many companies producing similar kilns, but there is only one GRÜN!