Biscuit Firing Porcelain

  • short preheating times following weekend shutdown 

  • stable atmosphere and temperature profile 

  • turntable optimizes loading and unloading 

  • maintenance-free firing tables 

Technical data:

  • Kiln length: 90 m 

  • Setting width: 2.14 m 

  • Setting height: 0.6 m 

  • Firing temperature: 980 °C 

  • Energy consumption: 850 kcal/kg 

Short description

The key control feature of this kiln is that it can be shut down over a work-free weekend and then simply started up again on Monday morning. After just 2 h, the selected temperature profile is reached, although at this point there is no ware in the firing zone.

That is essential to ensure that the specified quality parameters for the fired product are achieved from the first firing table after production start-up.

The Firing-Table Kiln shown is 60 m long and has a useful width of 2.2 m in the kiln. For loading and unloading, the firing tables are transported on a return circuit with a width of 0.8 m and rotated on turntables so that the setting depth is reduced to max. 0.4 m. Plate stands on rack systems for hollowware can therefore be easily loaded and unloaded from one side.