Debinding chamber

Technical Data

Setting volume 0,5 – 2,5m3
Debinding temperature 450 °C
Temperature TNV 800°C
Debinding cycles 12 - 96 h

A sophisticated supervision and regulation guarantees to reduce an oxygen content, which avoids production of inflammable mixture 100% tly. The commonly used debinding chambers are working with a very high amount of air, which prevents the inception of explosive mixture. The stream of air consists of 100% gas exhaust from the TNV air.

The Grün debinding chamber offers following advantages:

  • For the debinding process and thermal after burning no additional energy is required. The debinding process itself generates all energy required.
  • With a very low exhaust air the emission units for the TA air are very low
  • Thrifty debinding process through an excellent temperature evenness and regulation accuracy leads to shortening of debinding cycles.