Rotary Tube Kiln

  • calcination, firing, sintering without kiln furniture 

  • short preheating times for fast availability 

  • excellent temperature balancing 

  • low specific energy costs 

Technical data:

  • Capacity 30 kg/h 

  • Firing temperature 1370 °C 

  • Firing cycle 30 min 

  • Temperature balance ± 5K 

The core component of the rotary tube furnace is a thermal-shock-resistant, ceramic rotary tube made of SiSiC. The steady rotation of the rotary tube ensures both optimal heat transfer to the product and an ideal material flow.

The burners are arranged in pairs in three temperature regulating groups. These temperature regulating groups are used in conjunction with a cooling air control system at the entry and exit of the rotary tube to achieve an exact temperature profile.

The extreme thermal shock resistance of the rotary tube made of reaction-bonded silicon-infiltrated silicon carbide enables very short preheating times. As no kiln furniture is required, the specific energy costs are reduced substantially.

The furnace takes max. 20 min. from cold to reach its operating temperature. The rotary tube furnace shown here.