Hot Water 300kW

  • utilization of the waste heat from the kiln to heat water

  • high efficiency thanks to sophisticated three-pass technology

  • long service life and high operational reliability

  • compact design an low space requirement

Technical Data:

  • Output 300 kW

  • Max. exhaust gas temerature 200 - 300 °C

With the utilization of waste heat from kilns for heating water, we are offering our customers a system solution that has logically evolved from our company philosophy, that is the optimization of our products to extend their use and maximize the utilization of the primary energy they consume

The direct introduction of the kiln waste gases with a max. temperature 200 - 300°C into the heat exchanger.

This combined heating process utilizes the thermal energy that would otherwise be discharged into the enviroment through the chimney. This efficient heat utilization preserves resources and is extremely climate-frinedly.

The compact design and low installation height of the heat exchanger minimize the space requirement and allows easy installation of the heat recovery system close to the kiln.