Hot Air

Technical Data:

  • Max. Exhaust temperature 750°C

  • Hot air temperature 150 - 300°C

  • Air amount 1500 – 2500 Nm3/h

The waste heat of the chamber kiln will be used for the generation of hot air. This air can be used for heating the hall, dry kilns etc.

The necessary heat recovery plant is made of a tube-bundle heat exchanger, the fan for hot air and two temperature control loops. The heat exchanger is made of highly heat-proof “Inconell”-tubes (tinder’s-proof up to 1200°C). One control loop guarantees a constant hot air temperature – adjustable between 150 - 350°C, the second control loop limits the waste gas temperature at the entrance of the heat exchanger.

To prevent underflow of the dew point in the heat exchanger, the hot air fan starts until a kiln temperature about 200°C automatically.