Sinter Firing Ceramic Filter

  • no tracks and kiln cars
  • low space requirement
  • outstanding temperature balance
  • extremely short firing cycles

Technical data

Setting volume 6 m3
Firing temperature 1450 °C
Firing cycle 5.5 - 11.5 h
Temperature balance ± 5 K

The chamber kiln is loaded from the sidewall, which is constructed as a lifting door. The ware for firing is collected from the shaping station in small, easy-to-handle stacks and these stacks set next to each other in the kiln.

As no tracks or traversers are required for kiln cars, the full floor space of the hall around the kiln remains negotiable. Besides the optimal conditions for ware transport, an outstanding temperature balance is achieved for a defined kiln and setting geometry. Naturally, precondition for this is the arrangement/distribution of the firing gaps and burners, the flue gas control, etc.