Simulator For All Products

  • absolutely homogeneous temperature field

  • extremely wide variability of the firing conditions

  • exact reproduction of the firing process

  • shortest firing cycles


  • Setting volume: 0.1 m³

  • Firing temperature: 1600 °C

  • Firing cycle - cold to cold: 0.5 - 12 h

  • Temperature balance: ± 3 K

Extremely short firing cycles lasting 30 minutes cold to cold are possible at firing temperatures around 1000 °C.

In addition to the temperature profile, the atmosphere profile can be directly preset on the basis of the CO2 or CO value.

The installation of video monitoring is possible so that the effect of any planned or unplanned changes on the fired ware can be observed.

The sophisticated heating and cooling system guarantees extremely wide variability for the preheating and cooling rates.