Glost Firing Porcelain With Loading Station

  • automatic loading and unloading

  • ideal material flow through the kiln

  • new ware setting in just a few minutes

  • patent DE 197 37 508 C1

Technical data:

  • Setting volume 14 m3

  • Firing temperature 1410°C

  • Firing cycle 7.5 - 11.5 h

  • Temperature balance ± 7 K

A compact, mobile fork stacker transfers the small stacks of ware from production to large stacks at the loading station.

The loading station is situated in front of the kiln’s side wall. This side wall is constructed as a lifting gate. A second lifting gate is installed at the rear side of the kiln, behind which the unloading station is situated.

An ideal material flow is achieved by the „passing“ of the ware through the kiln. From shaping to sorting - the ware is stored, fired and stored again on the shortest direct route.

The space requirement is reduced to the theoretical minimum. Storage for the unfired ware (loading station), kiln, and storage for fired ware (unloading station) are all fitted into a space of just seven running metres.

As the entire ware setting is pushed into the kiln in one go and out of the other side of the kiln in one go, setting changeovers take just a few minutes. Another plus for operations with several firings per day.

The entire kiln and setting geometry, with the arrangement/distribution of the setting gaps and burners, as well as flue gas control, is specially designed to ensure the shortest possible firing cycles, while maintaining an outstanding temperature balance and energy efficiency within the kiln.