Scissor Lift

  • ergonomic workplace design
  • optimal loading and unloading
  • reduction of the reject rate
  • increase in work productivity

Technical Data

Lifting capacity 1000 kg
Platform 1200 x 840 mm
Effective stroke 700 mm

The scissor lift has been designed according to ergonomic criteria and is used to obtain an optimum working height for loading and unloading firing racks. The infinitely adjustable setting height together with the improved work productivity enable a substantial reduction in the reject rate.

The rotating platform allows the loading and unloading of the entire setting stack from one side.

The compact design of the scissor lift guarantees its flexible use. The entire system is robust against faults and maintenance-free. The electrohydraulic drive works smoothly and jolt-free.

The hydraulics system is equipped with a hose failure valve and prevents uncontrolled lowering of the platform. A contact frame is positioned below the platform and, when touched, it immediately stops unintended lowering of the platform.